What if the hat doesn’t fit my head?

All of our hats are adjustable to fit small to large head sizes up to a circumference of 24in. With that being said, if your hat is too small or too big for you, we will honor a return and refund as long as your hat is unused.

Is the hair human or synthetic?

All of our Lazy Hats are made with Japanese Silk synthetic hair, which is the highest quality of synthetic hair. Japanese Silk hair is known for its natural look, and minimal tangling and shedding.

Does the hair tangle or shed?

All hair tangles and sheds. This includes human hair. However, the Japanese Silk hair fiber that we use has minimal shedding and tangling in comparison to other synthetic and even human hair fibers. We believe in our hair quality so much that we will give you a full refund if you are experiencing excessive tangling or shedding right out of the package. (some shedding is expected at first, but after brushing and removing the first time, it should not happen again)

Why synthetic hair?

Aside from its affordability, synthetic hair also has the benefit of “style retention.” This means that synthetic hair holds its style regardless of the weather, so you will never have to restyle your Lazy Hat. Your Lazy Hat is meant to give you a break from doing your own hair, so the last thing we want you to do is spend time styling the hair on your Lazy Hat! 

Just don’t wear this to the airport?

No this is not a question, but we receive this comment so often that we figured we’d address it in our FAQ’s. No, we do not recommend wearing your Lazy Hat to the airport and risking an embarrassing encounter with TSA. But unless you’re a daily jetsetter, there are still an infinite number of places that your Lazy Hat will come in handy, such as: going to the store, walking the dog, picking up the kids from school, outdoor festivals, brunch with friends, etc.

How much is shipping and where do you ship from?

Shipping is $5 for one hat and $10 for two+ hats. There is also no additional sales tax on all Lazy Hats, therefore the product price on this page is the final price. We ship from New Jersey.

What if the wind blows my Lazy Hat off?

This is a genuine concern that we were aware of when we were designing our product. All of our Lazy Hats are designed to fit tightly and securely on your head. We have been in business since 2020 and we have not had 1 customer report an issue of their hat falling off of their head.

Can I wash the hair?

Yes, you can wash the hair every so often by swishing it around in a bowl with moisturizing shampoo, a little conditioner, and water. Detangle and let air dry. We also include detailed care instructions in our Lazy Hat packaging.

Can I heat style the hair?

Yes, you can heat the hair up to 380 degrees. Keep in mind that once you heat style the hair, it will permanently lose its original texture.

I saw a cheaper hat wig online, why should I buy from you?

Because we are black owned and our Lazy Hats are custom made to address the specific needs of the black natural hair community. We satin line our hats because we understand the importance of hair health to black women. We design our hats to be “big head friendly” so that they can fit over kinkier textures. And we design our hair textures according to black textured hair. Most other hat wig companies aim to achieve the Euro or Asian standard of beauty in the hair industry. Not to mention, their hair is low quality and their hats are tiny and not secure. You get what you pay for.

Are you Black Owned?

A resounding YES!