Hi, I’m Jade.

A mompreneur of 2 beautiful toddler girls, the wife of 1 handsome husband, and of course the founder of The Lazy Hat® 😊.

On the surface, my product is a hat wig that women can conveniently wear on days when they’re not in the mood to do their hair. But underneath the surface, The Lazy Hat is a tool that women can use to relieve stress and anxiety. In order to fully grasp the value of The Lazy Hat, one must understand the importance that us black women place on our hair being done.

I learned at an early age that OUR hair is tied to OUR emotional well being. Doing my hair always came easily to me, and I was in high demand because it was such a challenge to people around me, especially my mother and sister. So I became the family hair stylist, and I witnessed first hand how my mom and sister’s spirit would rise after I finished doing their hair.

As I got older, I noticed how so many women found doing their own hair to be challenging, but at the same time relied on it for their emotional well being. So it became a personal mission of mine to use what came easily to me, to find ways to alleviate womens’ stress over their hair. I began creating Youtube videos that taught women techniques to simplify their hair routine. Many of my videos taught women how to do their hair in under 5 minutes.

However, I began to notice that every woman reaches a breaking point with doing her hair, every now and then. But since her hair is so connected to her emotional well being, taking a break from doing her hair would have a negative effect on her confidence. I realized that women were looking for a lifeline on those days when they were overwhelmed with doing their hair.

If only there was a way to give them a break from their hair routine, while still giving them the outcome of beautiful hair… And that is how The Lazy Hat was born. The Lazy Hat is a hat with natural looking hair attached to it, designed for the needs of black women, that they can use on days when they need a much needed break from doing their hair. It’s not just a hat wig, it’s a stress reliever, timesaver, and to many… a life saver!

When the Hair Gods aren't answering your prayers, sometimes you've gotta throw your hands up & throw your hat on.
The Lazy Hat®