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I want to offer African-American women a quick fix to a bad hair day

Doing your hair can be nonstop. Sometimes you need a break. But that doesn't mean that you have to take a break from looking cute.

My name is Jade and I'm a natural hair blogger who has been creating YouTube hair tutorials for over 6 years. Although I've spent a great deal of time teaching women how to style their natural hair, I also acknowledge that there are some days when we just don't feel up to the task. I've been there before. One of those lazy days where I had zero desire to style my hair, but still wanted to look and feel like a human when I stepped out of my house. Or one of those days where I had to run out to the grocery store to get milk for my daughter, after JUST twisting up my hair. Or how about this one? A bantu knot hair fail... and I had no clue how to save it! Those are just a few of my messy hair situations that gave birth to "The Lazy Hat."

When the Hair Gods aren't answering your prayers, sometimes you've gotta throw your hands up & throw your hat on.

The Lazy Hat is the perfect solution to a bad hair day. Because let's face it, no woman wants to spend an hour fluffing & styling their fro, just to go to the grocery store -- but we also don't want to look like we just rolled out of bed. The Lazy Hat is a simple and convenient way to look comfy-cute, without putting in a lot of effort.

Aunty Maxine says to get you a Lazy Hat and RECLAIM YOUR TIME!