4 Surprising Black Hair Care Facts

4 Surprising Black Hair Care Facts

The pandemic had a major effect on the Black hair care industry. Due to limited hair care services during government shutdowns, more black women opted into doing their own hair themselves. Here's 4 new facts about the Black natural hair care industry that might surprise you. 

  1. Black women spend 9 times more on hair products than any other ethnicity. 

Bottom line: We take our hair health and appearance very seriously. It is connected to our emotional well being and confidence. When our hair does not meet up to our standards, we feel out of sorts.

  1. The COVID-19 Pandemic created a boom in demand for natural hair products.

Bottom line: Due to the absence of hair salons caused by the government shutdowns during the pandemic, more women learned to rely on doing their own hair. In addition, many women made the transition from "relaxed" to "natural" during that time and are continuing on their natural journey post - pandemic.

  1. Styling products have become more profitable than hair care services for salons. 

Bottom line: This further exemplifies the point that more women are choosing the "do it yourself" approach when it comes to their natural hair. 

  1. The majority of major black hair care retailers are not black-owned.

Bottom line: Most of the hair products that we purchase are created by companies that are not completely aware of our cultural needs. This is why supporting our own black businesses is so important. Not only are we giving back to ourselves, but we are strategically building up businesses that understand our culture and can address our more specific hair needs.

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