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The ONLY satin-lined hat wig that protects your natural hair! 

🏃🏿‍♀️ Saves time getting ready to leave the house

🧢 Great casual look for running errands

👩🏿 Unique “Big Head Friendly” adjustable cap that fits over all head sizes and hair textures

👩🏿‍⚕️ Satin - lined interior cap that keeps your natural hair healthy

🔥 Great for new wig users - Put on in seconds without needing to customize



Cap Size: fits up to 22.5in circumference (SMALL/MED head size)

Hair Material: High quality synthetic fiber


How To Put On The Lazy Hat:

Full Product Description

The best and easiest protective style to help you protect your natural hair, retain moisture and retain length.

Our cap is "big-head" friendly and tailor made to fit over all kinky hair textures. The Lazy Hat is conveniently designed with an adjustable non-velcro, buckle strap that prevents the synthetic hair from sticking to it. The strap allows a custom fit to your head and ensures maximum comfort with a secure fit at all times.

Our satin-lined design allows your natural hair to retain its moisture and keep it from drying out. Not only does the soft texture of satin provide additional comfort to your head, but it also supports hair growth and healthier hair.

Our hair is made from high-quality synthetic fibers and contains the necessary amount of bundles that gives it a full, but natural look. The Lazy Hat is designed to literally put on and go, without needing any additional customization or styling.

If you’re having a bad hair day and not in the mood to do your hair, or waiting for your twist out to dry, or experiencing a hairstyle fail, then The Lazy Hat is the perfect solution for you. It is great for store runs and errands, unannounced home visits, unexpected FaceTime calls and general public outings.

Care Instructions

1. Brush the hair with a paddle brush or detangling brush to keep it from tangling.

2. Putting the hair in 2 very loose braids keeps the hair from tangling, when not in use.

3. Store your hat in a place that will prevent a lot of friction or movement. (ie: the satin bag it comes in)

4. Do not put your hat in a washing machine! Only spot clean your hat.

5. Use a detangling spray made specifically for wigs.

6. Straight hair can be heated up to 380 degrees.

7. You can wash the hair every so often by swishing it around in a bowl with moisturizing shampoo, a little conditioner, and water. Detangle and let air dry.

9. Email us at for any other questions.